Walking on the oldest quartier of Athens, Plaka...

location-01The oldest quartier of Athens, Plaka, is full of monuments from all eras revealing this is the heart of the city from antiquity up to nowadays. Many small churches, but also a mosque, a turkish bath and the first university of Greece as well as the roman agora compose the cultural mosaic of the city.


You can walk around enjoying the synthesis of times, a characteristic of a city inhabited throughout the centuries. You will find yourself surrounded by modern block of flats, neoclassic residences and the most famous landmark of Athens, the Acropolis with Parthenon as well ass the Odeum of Herodes Atticus.


The finesse of classic times, the roman courtliness, the after revolution and the modern times are harmonically combined to a unity that proves that Athens was and still is a vivid city. And after sightseeing in it alleys, a glass of wine and genuine greek tastes at Byzantino restaurant will be the perfect ending for your day on the center of the quartier.



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